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Accurate and rapid calculation support for quantitative values from multi-component x multi-sample S(M)RM data acquired by mass spectrometer


Significantly reduced time without sacrificing analysis quality

Unlike general component quantification, the number of compounds in metabolomics can range from dozens to thousands in some cases. When researchers perform quantification, they calculate the area value of the peak while checking the chromatograms and perform quantification. How can I quickly quantify a large number of chromatograms? Multi-ChromatoAnalysT (abbreviated as mCAT) was developed with this in mind.
Unlike conventional software, we have reviewed the design of the chromatographic display method and mouse click operation from scratch, and have developed it with simple, smooth, and speedy operation in mind. Since it is distributed free of charge as a chromato reader, we hope that you will try it out.

  • Software for analysis of MRM data (triple quadrupole) collected by LC-MS/MS and SFC-MS/MS. We also support sim data of LC-MS.

  • It is suitable for routine analysis and batch analysis of multiple components and multiple samples.

  • Results can be submitted more quickly than normal analysis

  • Recommended software for metabolomics researchers who want to see all chromatograms.

  • You don't have to choose multiple software because you don't choose the manufacturer.


​Software downloadhere

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