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Wide target lipidomics contract


Significantly reduced time without sacrificing analysis quality

We will undertake contract analysis of lipidomes by SFC-MS/MS developed by Takeshi Baba Laboratory, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University.
By combining SFC + normal phase column, lipid classes can be separated, and fatty acid side chains can be qualitatively and quantified simultaneously by mass spectrometry (MS), making it possible to quantify with higher accuracy than before.


Reliable calculation of relative quantitative values can be achieved by using the following stable isotope-labeled internal standard substances.


330710 Mouse SPLASH® LIPIDOMIX® Mass Spec Standard

Single-vial Prepared Lipidomic Analytical Standard


The improvements over the conventional method are as follows.

  • Reduce compound saturation peaks by digital dilution methods that adjust collision energies.

  • Calculate the relative quantification of triacylglycerols, cholesterol esters on a reversed-phase column.

  • Even if there is a special fatty acid side chain (isotope label, oxidized lipid, etc.) that you want to measure, it can be measured by combining transitions (optional service).

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