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Multi-component x multi-sample S(M)RM data analysis software

Subscription 1 million/year

Readable mass spectrometer (Sciex, Waters, Thermo, Shimadzu)

OS: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11

(using DirectX9,11, .NET Framework4.7.2)

Recommended hardware requirements

- A mouse with a wheel function (used to zoom in and out on the chromatogram)
・ 8th generation Intel Core i7 (4 cores) or higher CPU, dedicated GPU or built-in CPU
GPU, memory of 16G or more, auxiliary storage device of 500Mbyte or more (SSD (solid state
WorkStation main unit with built-in drive (recommended)
・ WSXGA(1600x1024) or higher display, 4K display supported


Multi-ChromatoAnalys T + data converter

PriceFrom ¥600,000
Excluding Sales Tax
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